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It intrigues, it seduces…
Low California seen by the media…

"We are in Baja California, between sea and desert, in a true western scenery"
> France Inter ( Emission Partir avec…reportage de 60mn ).
"On this strip of land 1,700 km long, desert, cacti and wild oasis play their partunder the leadership of Mother Nature. "
> Chaine de voyage Escales ( Documentaire 52 mn).
"An unexpected Mexican sierras dotted with cactus"
> A/R – Aller/retour, Magazine voyageur
“That which ventures in Low California can expect only surprises of size. Partly torn off in the New World by the forces of the ground, Low California posts its originality resolutely."
> Ushuaia
“Aquarium of the world” for Cousteau, “Pearl of nature” for Steinbeck or “Galapagos of the Northern hemisphere” for others, Low California east in everyone's opinion, a jewel still ignored.”
Baja California: the world according to Cortes. Sown big spaces of cactus and the imposing sierras invite to take the road to discover their secrecies best kept.
> Great Reports
“True desert on the surface of water, this spit of land is also it appointment of in love with nature. UNESCO was not mistaken there while registering on the list in the Inheritance in humanity, the sanctuary of the whales of El Vizcaino, like 244 islands and small islands of the coastal area of the Gulf of California.”
> Advantages
“February: the season of the loves beats full sound in the basic whales California. December to April, thousands of gray whales migrate of the Bering Strait to warm water of the lagoons of Baja.”
> Wild Grounds
“On this ground appendix west of Mexico, Low California is a paradise for eco-tourism. Red cacti and wild animals, mountains or turquoise sea, the spectacle are everywhere”
> La Croix
“Cheer with Jean-Christophe Arbonne who was caught of passion for this State of Mexico well badly known in Europe”
> PHOTO Magazine
“Road trip in Low California, 1700 km of deserts, oasis, lagoons and beaches of dream… in Far West Mexican. Only one word: arriba all! ”
> Biba
“The French become aware of this vast federal state… They inevitably seek to discover different Mexico, and Low increasingly known California east thus…”
> the Tourist Echo
“I really fell in love with this place affirms Jean-Christophe Arbonne, the author of the book, which prepares to leave France to be established in this area of Mexico which it has just put in images. He wants to invest himself and make it possible to the French to discover in their turn this single area, 100% nature…”
> Paris Normandy it Havre Presses
“The traveller will readily let himself grab by the mystery of this indigenous ground and splendors of this wild paradise”
> Daily Alsace
“An escapade with complete freedom along the transpéninsulaire, an unforgettable discovery of this single peninsula to the extravagant landscapes. You will renew contact with this generous nature, without forgetting the meeting with the mythical gray whale. ”
> Travellers of the world
“Gray Whales and green tortoises, tropical fish and corals, giant seals and squids: a richness which makes the sea of Cortez one of most beautiful natural aquariums of the world. ”
> IT
“Tijuana could be an imaginary city. When this provincial village is contemplated, one is struck by this fragile wall which, with two steps of San Diego in California, separates it from “American Dream”. ”
> Match of the World
“If you are in search of new horizons, we recommend the book of Jean-Christophe Arbonne to you. This work delivers to you all the facets of this strange and remote peninsula. But also, all emotion and the beauty which this work contains…”
> Eugenio Elorduy Walther (basic Governor Califonrie)
“Flora and fauna compete of beauty in the largest natural aquarium of the world. ”
> Tele Leisures
“In Loreto, small fishing village there is Baja California' S sea of the Cortes, the Loreto Bay Company is developing 8.000 acres of Land situated along 3.5 miles of will beachfront”
> Financial Times
“In his book, Jean-Christophe Arbonne gives us desire quickly for discovering this area before it becomes furiously tendency. A work which gives you desire for cancelling your holidays and for leaving at once towards this ignored region. ”
> Ideat - Decoration - Architecture - Escape
“An incubator for whales. December to March, some 15,000 gray whales leave cool water from Alaska to reproduce in the lagoons on the basic west coast California. Curious and friendly, they are easily let approach by the men. An experiment not to be missed. ”
> Nice Matin
“Difficult to classify this book in a category. Beautiful book? Incontestably. The photographs of the work are an invitation to release the mooring ropes immediately. ”
> Practical Holidays
“Of half the French have indeed what to like This long as Italy but broad peninsula. Gray whales that one can cherish in Guerrero Negro or rorquals blue which one can observe with Paz…”
> the Tourist Echo
“A young globe trotter, Jean-Christophe Arbonne, deliver his notebook of voyage to us on a course of 1700 km. Through its texts illustrated by 230 photographs, it communicates his passion for this splendid area to us…”
> Young person and Pretty
“The calm one, the flights of pelicans above a glassy sea, the deserted islands, the plays of the sea lions and dolphins in the wake of the fishing boats, make of this place a paradise for eco-tourism. ”
> VAr Morning
“Welcome in Low California, one of the longest peninsulas of planet and leave on a tour of this wild paradise. It is with this voyage that you invites Jean-Christophe Arbonne with this beautiful book which counts more than 230 photographs. Low California - the Pearl of Mexico (Let us publish Privat). ”
> Ulysses
“Immaculate Beaches and lagoons turquoises, a delicious first impression of this pearl of nature, as John Steinbeck called it. ”
> L'Express - Sharp Weekend it (Belgium)
“A voyage not to be missed, a superb book - notebook of voyage on the basic peninsula California. ”
> - Heading bibliography
“North in the south, the basic peninsula California unrolls its many treasures. ”
“Hola Baja California! Ground welcome of Esperanza. The dictionaries themselves cannot in which page classify it. ”
> Your Beauty
“Jacques Cousteau had qualified this place of aquarium of the world. ”
> TV Weekly