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Practical information for traveling in Baja California


The capital of Baja California del Norte is Tijuana.

That of Baja California Sur is La Paz

How to travel to Baja California from France?
• By Plane on regular lines: - From Paris CDG Via Mexico City with the companies Aéromexico or Air France
- From Paris CDG via Dallas / Houston / Los Angeles San Diego / Phoenix with American Companies. Arrivals at Los Cabos / La Paz / Loreto / Tijuana airports

Accommodations: Most rooms are comfortable, simple, with private shower, clean. A fan or air conditioning (noisy) below 300 pesos is the category "average" comfort minimum. (Low season price).


Catering: Average cost of a single meal at the restaurant: 5 to 10 euros
In category rather restaurant of the corner, and in the street vendors of delicious tacos, it is even cheaper ...


Money / budget: The Mexican peso is the official currency. The US dollar (USD) is however accepted almost everywhere.

Formalities: No special formalities for nationals of the European Union, Switzerland or Canada. Only a valid passport
is asked. Visa required for a period of more than three months.


Vacc ins / Health: No vaccine required for this region of Mexico. It is recommended not to drink tap water.

There are pharmacies everywhere, however, pay attention to the puny bugs ... aspi-venom advised.

Post and telecommunications: smartphone
To call Mexico from France:
00 52 + area code 3 digits + 7 digit number.
- To call France from Mexico:
00 33 + region code 1 digit (ex 01 for Paris becomes 1+ 8 digit number)

La Poste : The Mexican Post has the reputation
to be rather slow.
Stamps are only found in post offices.


As a general rule, it is customary to leave a tip equivalent to 15% of the bill in restaurants


Electricity: The sockets are the same as in the United States (two flat plugs). Voltage: 110/140 volts.

Time difference with France:
time - 9h in Baja California (North).
- 8h in Baja California Sur (South).

Religion: The Catholic Religion is omnipresent in Baja California as in the rest of Mexico.


The road : Herds are often at liberty along the roads. You have to be extremely vigilant when night falls. In addition, the roads are not always in good condition (potholes, ruts ...)

078: Tourist assistance hotline 24h / 24.

Gas stations: Be sure to refuel often enough because gas stations are rare in Baja California.


Heat: With heat and very dry air in
the desert areas, it is important to hydrate well.
So be sure to have a sufficient reserve of water in case
of need.


When to travel? Throughout the year Baja California enjoys a rather pleasant climate, warm in general, with a bit of "cool" wind in winter, and sometimes very cool evenings (in the desert), and very little rain. Generally the North is cooler, with more rain in winter, and the South is warmer with more rain in summer.

Example of average temperatures in La Paz, (Southern Baja California):


When to travel to Baja California?
It is possible to visit Baja California all year round, however the months of August and September require walkers great ability to adapt to extreme heat.During these two months, we can avoid some walks and hikes and replace them with water activities.