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The Baja California Peninsula: a region of Mexico dedicated to responsible and reasoned tourism.

It is not by chance that Mexcapade has been established there for more than 12 years.

Since 2006, the Mexican Ministry of Tourism and its Tourism Promotion Council have signed an agreement with the Alliance for the Patrimony of Humanity.
The goal is to preserve the beauty of Mexican sites while allowing the sustainable economic development of people living nearby.
And this, in total respect of the authenticity of the places; natural sites, flora, fauna, deserts ...

Thanks to its exceptional biodiversity, the Baja California Peninsula deserves the nickname Galapagos of the Northern Hemisphere that Commander Yves Cousteau awarded to it since the 1960s.

At the same time, during his many expeditions in the Sea of ​​Cortez, he had called his "aquarium of the world" his underwater funds as their wealth is exceptional.


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A rule of conduct respectful of the nature of places.

It is with this in mind that we have created for over 12 years with my companion Marjorie, Mexcapade Tour Operator with a simple objective: to introduce travelers to the peninsula of Baja California through circuits self-tours all included throughout the peninsula, while developing responsible tourism and respectful of nature.

Jean-Christophe and Marjorie travel tips via the Mexcapade agency they created.

An approach resolutely oriented towards respect for nature
From the outset, since the creation of Mexcapade, the only French-speaking agency established on the peninsula, has defined a rigorous and nature-friendly rule of conduct to accommodate year-round travelers attracted by wild and unspoiled regions, Antipodes of mass tourism and very far from the big tourist centers crowded, noisy and polluted.


"We select with care all year round for our clients, authentic accommodation sites on a human scale, systematically avoiding large luxury resorts that do not meet our philosophy and our ecological values ​​..."
Jean Christophe Arbonne, founder of Mexcapade, became a specialist in Baja California for 12 years. Sometimes, as fixer, he helps television crews to make documentaries on the peninsula. Thus, several films and broadcasts presenting Baja California have been broadcast in recent years, with more recently the program Echappées Belles broadcast on France 5

Travel organizer, but not only ...

An ecological Eco Ranch, created in full desert in the purest respect of the local environment.


"It is in this exceptional environment under an imperturbable sun that we decided to set up our ecological ranch and regularly offer our passing customers, in addition to our self-tour circuits, to spend one or two nights with us. , to enjoy a break at the end of their trip on the peninsula before their return to France ".

On the program ; horseback riding on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking ... and finally, a romantic dinner at the sunset overlooking the sea of ​​Cortez.

Welcome to Rancho Cactimar and Mexcapade!

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Sleeping in a ranch
Our ranch is located about 30 minutes from the heart of the city of La Paz, (Baja California Sur) and only 20 minutes from the airport. It is built on a hill overlooking the beach with a 180 ° view facing the Sea of ​​Cortez on one side and a 180 ° panoramic view of a cactus desert on the other side.

A relaxing break with your family or two to recharge your batteries

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A 360 ° panorama of all around us ...

We are surrounded by wild fauna and flora incredibly rich in exceptional biodiversity: with a whale sharks and dolphins observation area, visible sometimes directly from our windows with a 360 panorama on Wild and desert landscapes around our ranch.

Our close fishermen neighbors and our rancheros friends provide us with fresh fish, homemade goat cheeses and also in authentic local culture.

Mexcapade + Rancho Cactimar, a dream mix to live intensely the Californian Baja adventure while giving yourself a relaxing time to recharge your batteries in a privileged and exceptional environment off the beaten track.

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