Baja California:

> The destination.

In North western Mexico, between  the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, the Baja California is a peninsula as long as Italy and about half wide.

Still not very well known of French and European tourists, it possesses nevertheless an impressing potential for tourism and eco-tourism in a still virgin and protected nature.

The sea of Cortez, forming the Gulf of California north-west of Mexico, also possesses an exceptional wealth of its underwater fauna with no less than 891species, among which 90 are endemic.

Furthermore, the peninsula provides a habitat for 695 varieties of trees and plants, which is more than in any desert region of the planet.

Far from the mass tourism, this unique place, which about 244 islands recently classified-listed in the “UNESCO World Heritage”, was the object of a book entitled:

"Baja California - The Pearl of Mexico" published by Privat Editions. (France)


 > Baja California, the pearl of Mexico: the book and the author.(1)

Through this book, Jean-Christophe Arbonne invites us to discover a real Journey, where photography is widely privileged, with, at the end of the work a Practical Information section to prepare well its journey and its route before leaving.

This book has required to the author a long route of 3800 km for 60 days from north to south of the peninsula, and has required more than 4000 photographies.

Overcome with passion for this State of Mexico, Jean-Christophe Arbonne, photographer and also author of  this book, emigrated to this peninsula to dedicate himself to ecotourism and to receive, guide and advise the tourists in search of intact and protected places: deserts, lagoons, dream beaches, grey whales - That we can observe very close from December till March - forests of giant cactuses, oasis of palm trees, the whole in a region 100% natural which is already called the " Galapagos of the north hemisphere ". This dream visit can continue on Jean-Christophe Arbonne's blog: http://www.basse-californie.org

(1) - Lower California - The Pearl of Mexico (Publishing(Editions) Privat) An unpublished work in French language completely dedicated to this destination.
Texts and photos of Jean - Christophe Arbonne 168 pages and 230 photos + Exercise book practical information at the end of work.
Case-cover + Jacket - Retail price: 30 euro - ISBN-2-7089-8184-6 Can be also ordered on-line on sites: amazon, fnac, alapage, virgin, etc.

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